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No Time to Cook? We have your Back - Healthily!!!

by Manoj Sharma on Mar 24, 2023

No Time to Cook? We have your Back - Healthily!!!

In today’s fast-paced world, morning breakfast is one of the most ignored meals. We millennials have time for everything, but when it comes to cooking a healthy meal a day, cooking feels like one of the most hectic tasks. Are you someone with excuses for prepping up a perfectly balanced diet for energizing throughout the day? The Naturik Co can be your lifesaver!


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Well, with our oats and ragi cheela meal options, health comes to your home in a packet. The morning meal helps in activating your metabolism, maintaining your sugar level and burns more calories, and with our protein-enriched healthy mixes, you can have an instant, ready-to-eat mix that fills you for the hectic day effortlessly. 

In addition, when you eat a high-protein breakfast, helps you build more muscles than having protein at dinner. Hence, by including oats and ragi as your breakfast ingredient along with some healthy fats as your first meal of the day, you can jerk your body out of starvation rate, stimulate metabolism and promote muscle growth better than any diet alternative. 

From weight to mood swings- our healthy cheela options manage everything!

Do you know protein is responsible for raising the level of tyrosine in your body? Tyrosine is an amino acid that releases dopamine and norepinephrine, giving you energy and cheering up your mood. Protein-rich foods can make you feel satiated, so you get all the energy you need for a hectic day. Also, protein can curb your appetite and keep you from overeating which helps you to achieve your fitness goals. So, you can have our oat and ragi cheela to aid your weight loss journey! 

It’s a wrap!

Just eat healthily, stay fit and meditate- these three musketeers can help you lean towards a healthy lifestyle which promotes holistic development!