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Ditch Boring Breakfast and Embrace Health- Naturik Making Healthy the new Tasty

by Manoj Sharma on Mar 24, 2023

Ditch Boring Breakfast and Embrace Health- Naturik Making Healthy the new Tasty

You wake up, look at the clock, frown upon your nine-to-five lives, get ready and pour a bowl of muesli (because it is supposed to be healthy). Deep inside your heart, you are craving the homemade cheela your mother and grandmother used to make, but the time crunch has left you with no options left.

Fortunately, now you can make the homemade cheela recipes of your grandma’s kitchen and that too within minutes. Gone are the days of preparing the cheela batter, because with Naturik’s Oat and Ragi Cheela mixes, you can do it instantly!

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Why should you switch?

There is no dissenting that Muesli is healthy, but every Indian palate craves the punch of spices that we have been having since our childhood. The poha, poori, cheela and everything have been our comfort food since time immemorial and The Naturik has come up with the idea of taking an age-old recipe (cheela) and making it convenient for you.

You can always choose to have flat cereal or boiled veggies, but rolled oat cheelas can be your comfort food. The best part is they are filling, so you don’t have to munch on a mid-day snack to satisfy your hunger pangs. In fact, if you want to make something for your family as an evening snack these cheela mixes would effortlessly be a brilliant idea then as well!


Believe it or not, it’s time to grow beyond that bland bowl of Museli and rolled oats breakfast. You can always switch to an interesting and flavourful ragi or oats cheela. They are high in protein, good for diabetic people and a natural weight loss agent. In addition, ragi and oats have also loads of calcium that can improve your bone health and provide your body with the antioxidants it needs.